Vic Pain memories


Vic played for Margate from 1974/75 to 1980/81 and made around 300 appearances for the club...

Vic in a 1977/78 team photo

What is your full name and date and place of birth ?
Victor Edward Pain - 26th April 1953 - Camberwell (South London).

What is your marital Status?
Married (29th February 2000).

Do you have children ?
Yes, one son called Jon-Paul (now 28 !!).

Did / do any of your family play football ?
My father played one game for Crystal Palace reserves and both my elder brothers played the game recreationally.

Where do you live now ?
A village called Grayswood in Surrey (near Guildford).

What is your occupation now ?
I have retired from an I.T post through ill-health.

What was your occupation during your time with Margate ?
I was an insurance agent for two years and did some cleaning work for a year. Ended up being a data controller in I.T when I left Margate.

How did you come to join Margate ?
A coach (George Petchey) recommended me to the then manager, Les Riggs.

How much were you paid during your time with Margate ? Was this every week of the year ?
£16 per week during the season and £10 per week off-season.

What do you remember about your Margate debut ?
Played at Guildford and Dorking (ironically) and we won 2-1. Had a good game (I thought !!).

What were the highlights of your Margate career ?
Winning the Southern League South title in 1977-78 - Played 38 Won 24 Lost 4 Drew 10 For 92 Against 32 Pts 58, not beaten at home (won 15 drew 4). Winning Player of the Year same season (22 goals). Runners-up in Southern League Cup 1974-75.

What were the highlights of your entire career ?
Signing for Crystal Palace 1970 (apprentice). Signing professional terms in 1971. Being in the squad for first team at Anfield. Hat trick for CPFC at home to Leicester in 25 first half minutes.

Who was the best player you played with at Margate ?
Eddie Clayton / John O'Mara / Bob Harrop (all experienced players !).

Who was the best player you played against whilst with Margate ?
Hayles of Maidstone (he was in the Army so was really fit and it showed).

Who was the best player you played with during your whole career ?
Charlie Cooke when he played for CPFC reserves a few times. Could keep the ball for ages.

Who was the best player you played against during your whole career ?
Probably Kevin Beattie when he was at Southampton. He was quick, strong and good on the ball.

Who was / were your best friend(s) during your time with Margate ?
Mainly the people I travelled down with Ronnie Barr, Gary Bacon, Andy Edwards.

Do you still keep in contact with any of your old Margate team-mates ?

What was the best stadium you played in during your entire career ?
Best to be in was Anfield. Best playing surface was Portman Road, Ipswich.

What ground(s) did you most enjoy playing at during your time at Margate ?
Kettering and Yeovil.

And which ground(s) did you least like ?
Canterbury and Sittingbourne !!

Who was the best manager you played under (and at which club) ?
Guy called John Bailey at Letchworth.

Who was the biggest influence on your football career ?
My Dad I suppose. I was never one for copying other footballers or autographs.

What was your favourite / best Margate goal?
Favourite had to be the winner at Poole in 1978 which won us the league. They had just equalised and straight from kick-off I got the ball, played a one-two with John O'Mara and slammed home with my weaker left foot. Best was against Hounslow away (1977) when I ran from the halfway line beating two defenders before chipping keeper with my left foot.

What was the best goal you saw another Margate player score ?
Brian Gregory scored from 40 yards in the season he scored 40-odd goals (75/76).

Do you keep an eye on Margate's progress / results and if so what do you think ?
Yes I do and its been very encouraging to see the club do so well as when I left it was touch and go if they stayed in existence !

Did you have a nickname during your career / time at Margate?
None that I am aware of !

What honours did you win during your career ?
Just London Youth, South London Schools, England Youth Trialist.

Do you ever watch Margate now or if not, when was the last time you saw them ?
Only at Woking 2 or 3 years ago when they won 2-1 (fully deserved).

Who were the real characters at Margate during your time with the club ?
John O'Mara, Carl Gilbert, Andy Edwards, Alan Fagan, Bobby Walter.

Can you recall any funny moments from your time at Margate ?
Not really.

Do you have any regrets about your football career ?
Not making the 'grade', not signing for Reading when leaving CPFC.

What do you think about being featured on a website or the fact that a Margate History site exists ?!
Somewhat surprised but its been a pleasure to read and visit.

Added to the site in 2002. Vic died on 16th May 2004 after a brave battle with cancer.