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Monday 21st November 2016
The history site returns after an 18 month absence ! Now under new ownership but to start off with the site has been relaunched with all the old content.

Friday 17th October 2014
Been a couple of months for one reason or another so thought I'd post a bit of an update on my activities / the site's future which you can see by reading the bottom part of the 'about the site' page - just click the image to the right and scroll down to the bottom. Nothing too dramatic but basically 2013/14 is the cut-off point for the site so I can relax and not have to constantly keep up with former players new clubs, keep stats for the current season and beyond etc etc. As a reminder I've added dates to the site banner which shows at the top of every page. Not sure what else I'm going to do site-wise but it won't be anything to do with 2014/15 onwards ! In other news I'm very pleased to report I've got hold of two missing player pictures so, if you so wish, you can say a virtual 'hello' to Keith Blacker by clicking here and Barry Watkiss by clicking here. Oh, I did manage a few 2013/14 profiles before abandoning my efforts so you can seek them out if you're interested - all players with surnames starting with A.

Monday 4th August 2014
Nice update today thanks to Steve Furlong sourcing some old photos and letters for me from a relative of former long-serving Margate player Charlie Baker. Click the image to the right to see a 1949/50 reserve team photo that's making it's first appearance on the site and if anybody can help with any of the missing names that'd be great. In addition I've been able to vastly improve an existing reserve team photo which is from the 1950/51 season and you can see it by clicking here. Getting hold of the two team photos has also meant I've been able to update the profile pictures for a lot of players - vast improvements in most cases and as a bonus goalkeeper George Butterworth now has a photo for the first time. Always great to find an elusive picture and it's been a while since I stumbled across one I was missing. The other additions today are two interesting letters from Football League clubs offering Charlie Baker trials which you can see by clicking here - added them to an existing page which already had a letter sent to Charlie on it. Meanwhile you may or may not have realised that I've finally updated everything relating to the 2013/14 season apart from player profiles which I'm still working on. So results list, league table, stats etc are all up to date now. .

Thursday 12th June 2014
Having a bit of a lazy spell with regards to site updates but have been busy behind the scenes, most recently spending too many hours looking through old newspapers online to find match reports etc relating to Margate. The fruits of my labours will appear on here soon but in the meantime I'm happy to have added another player questionnaire, this time completed by Terry Morris. You can read it by clicking on Terry's photo to the right and I'm indebted to Peter Cove once again for his efforts in contacting Terry. As a bonus I've added some more photos from April's Legends Day at Hartsdown Park thanks to Gordon Burden sending me some more pictures. You can see them all by clicking here. Very aware that I haven't added anything to do with last season to the site yet but that's a lot of work and not very interesting for me to do ! Will get round to it eventually though.

Saturday 17th May 2014
Very pleased to have been able to add a 20th player questionnaire to the site today. Peter Donnelly very kindly completed one for me and you can read the results by clicking on his photo to the right. Big thanks, yet again, go to Peter Cove for getting in touch with Peter. Meanwhile I'm trying to summon up the enthusiasm to add player profiles etc from the season just gone so something should happen fairly soon on that score.


Monday 5th May 2014
Doing well with receiving bits and pieces for the site from out of the blue just recently and have just added six photos from the January 1968 FA Cup tie against Peterborough courtesy of Mike Floate who I'm very grateful to for sharing the pictures. Margate lost the match 4-0 and you can see a range of photos, including the six new ones, by clicking on the image to the right.



Monday 14th April 2014
Very pleased to have been able to add some really nice colour photos to the page about the 1966 tour of West Germany which you can see by clicking on the image to the right. The pictures are courtesy of former Margate winger Gordon Burden who kindly passed them on to me when we met at Margate's Legends Day on Saturday. You can see some photographs from the Legends Day - courtesy of Don Walker and Peter Cove - by clicking here and I also added a 1968 letter that Gordon lent to me which you can see by clicking here.


Sunday 30th March 2014
Pleased to have been able to add another player questionnaire to the site today courtesy of 1968/69 season goalkeeper David Bevis. You can read it by clicking the photo to the right. Thanks go to Peter Cove for doing the ground work with David. Also added four relatively modern pics courtesy of Suzannah Foad, two from a home game against Newport IOW in April 1999 which you can see by clicking here and another two from a match against Burton Albion at Hartsdown Park in February 2000 - click here to see them.


Monday 24th March 2014
Delighted to have been able to add some brilliant pictures to the site today courtesy of Brian Rogers who very kindly took the trouble to scan some of his late father Eddie Rogers' privately taken photos of Margate FC. Eddie was a long-serving member of Margate's Supporters Club and you can see him in a great photo by clicking the picture to the right. In total I've been able to add 14 photographs thanks to Brian and the clickable links follow, do take a look...
Improved 1955/56 team photo (click on the smaller one to see the new version)
1962/63 celebrations at some kind of function
Bob Harrop lifting the Southern League First Division shield at the end of 1962/63
Picture from some kind of 1960's charity game
Photo of Peter Smith, Bob Harrop and Bill Parry after the Kent Floodlight Cup win during 1962/63
Bob Harrop receiving the 1962/63 Kent Senior Shield
Supporters Club members in 1967

Friday 21st March 2014
Ended up updating a couple of profiles today, even though I had no intention of doing so. Got sidetracked whilst doing something else and ended up giving Dennis Randall's page a major revamp. Dennis holds the record for the most goals scored in a single post-World War II season and you can read his profile by clicking on his photo to the right. The other surprise recipient of a profile update is Harry Merritt who even I'd almost forgotten about as a Margate player. Found out quite a bit more about him and you can see his page by clicking here. Could be that nobody's every read Harry's page so you might be the first if you look !


Wednesday 19th March 2014
Had a couple of lengthy chats with 1970's Margate midfielder Graham Sawyer recently and as a result his profile's had a complete overhaul. Some interesting stuff so take a look at his page by clicking on the photo to the right. Also, in case you haven't heard, Saturday 12th April is being billed as 'Legends Day' at Margate FC and somewhere between 30 and 40 former players from the Almer Hall and Les Riggs eras will hopefully be in attendance. More details on the official Margate site and you can see the info by clicking here.


Thursday 13th March 2014
Just updated Frank Peterson's profile on the site, possibly not a familiar name to most people but he was a significant figure in Margate's history as he was the first black player to appear for the club. Previously Frank had been Millwall's first-ever black player too. To read about Frank just click on his photo and I've also added some additional pictures of him which you can access by clicking on the link below the photo on his page. Update to Frank's page is entirely down to former Margate keeper David Pye who took the trouble to scan some items for me.