Various photos

Les Fell shaking hands with King George VI before the 1946 FA Cup Final that he played in for Charlton.

Jimmy McStay (left) and Les Fell (right) at Hartsdown Park summer 1954, you can see the old fencing around the pitch and some kind of booth.

Margate players on board the train to the FA Cup tie at Blackpool in January 1936. Clockwise from top left - Charlie Walker, Unknown, Jimmy Evans, Unknown and Joe Clare.

A newspaper photo taken on Charlie Walker's wedding day showing him and his bride surrounded by family and friends, many of whom were his Margate team-mates (hence the football decoration being held aloft at the back). The photo was taken by Edward Cox of Margate.

Ray John burns his boots after breaking his leg twice wearing them.

Bob Harrop & Alan Blackburn during 1963/64 when they started a window cleaning business together.

Lennie Lee

Karl Lloyd

Kevin Barry

Bruce Walker

Colin Clewlow

Davie Houston

Norman Fusco

John Baber

Alan Butterfield

Eddie Clayton

Ray Summers

Barry Brown

Terry Morris

John Ballagher

Paul Thomas

Tommy Jenkins

Terry Joyce

Bob Harrop

Eddie Clayton

John Baber

Dai Yorath

Gerry Baker

Tommy Jenkins

Bryan Clifton

John O'Mara

Steve Bowtell

Norman Fusco

Barry Thornley

Bill Parry

Eric Worthington

Jimmy Bonds

Ron Bennett

Charlie Purves

Ron Martell

Dave O'Callaghan

John O'Mara

Peter Peters

Vic Pilcher

Len Revell

Ron Martell

Des Cross

Reg Dudley

Jock Flannigan

Ricky Fusco

Billy Jowett

Terry Joyce

Dave O'Callaghan

Micky Speakman

Jack Yeomanson

Davie Houston

Phil Amato

Ronnie Barr

Bob Harrop

Norman Fusco

Alan Draper

Dave Rouse

Mark Harrop

Bob Walter

Wayne Godden

Alan Fagan

Neville Hemmings

John Wickens

Terry Norton

Martin Henderson

Karl Lloyd

Gerry Jordan

Kevin Marsh

Chic Brodie

Graham Sawyer

Eddie Clayton

Bruce Walker

Ken Jones

David Jarman

Peter Smith

Richard Hemmings

Brian Woolfe

Gary Doe

Joe Radford

Gerry Baker

Terry Morris

Mel Blyth

Paul Thomas

Peter Donnelly

Marcus Newton

Grant Gallacher

Dai Yorath

Cyril Watkins

Alan Blackburn

Tommy Barnett

Jimmy Briscoe in 2002

Phil Nash in 2002

Bryan Parry

Vic Pain

Alan Turner

Glenn Aitken in 2003

Matthew Toms in 2002

Freddie Kearns

Mike Tomkys

Malcolm Dalrymple

John Fahy in 2003

David Bostock playing for Gravesend

Norman Fusco in 1968

Ray Summers in 1968

Frank Ovard

Gary Miller in 2003

Frank Ovard in 1966

Bob Harrop at Manchester United

Ronnie Waldock at Sheffield United

John Shepherd

Dave Carr in 1973

Jack Yeomanson in his West Ham days

Davie Laing in 2002

Ricky Fusco

Joe Radford

Doug Johnson

John Lineham

Marcus Newton

Neil Cugley

Billy Plews

Dave Rouse

Paul Fassam

Steve Winch

Bobby Miles

Brian Hassall

Brian Woolfe

Colin Priestley

Frank Ovard

Gordon Walton

John Wickens

Steve Bunn in 2011

Lee Smelt

Len Dolding

Les Fell

Martin Redpath

Neville Hemmings

Richard Hemmings

Reg Dudley

Peter Peters in 2005

Darren Watson

Darren Annon

Gareth Graham

Darren Annon

Greg Oates

Peter Trego

Sam Sodje at Brentford

Howard Moore

Jimmy Evans aged 75 in 1986 with his wife Lilian

Adrian Clewlow

Alan Scotting

Billy Plews

Gareth Gore

Gary Hewitt

Jamie Reilly

Jason Eede

Marc Smelt

Kevin Hudson

Malcolm Smith

Mark Weatherly

Paul Golden

Kevin Smith

Roy Hales

Sean McFadden

Steve Cuggy

Trevor Hand

Allen Clarke

Derek Bellotti

John Keirs

Les Berry

Derek Bellotti

Alan Fagan at Charlton 65/66

Ray Tumbridge at Charlton 75/76

Steve Bowtell at Orient 1970

Brian Gregory

Keith Robinson

Pat Ferry

Chris Plumb

Dennis Brown at Northampton 68/69

Carl Gilbert

Dave Crush

Brian Gregory

Barry Brown

Matt Stock at Maidstone

Dennis Butler at Chelsea

Carl Gilbert

Vic Pain

Chic Brodie

Andy Woolford in 1972

Greg Wood

Tostao Kwashi playing for Dong Tam in Vietnam 2005

Len Dolding

Mark Green

Larry Baxter at Torquay

Les Devonshire at Brentford in 2004

Fred Durrant (Margate 39/40) at Brentford in 2004

Mike Renshaw in 2006

Paul Jefcoate in 2006

Peter Trego at Somerset in 2006

Daniel Bulley

Sam Sodje during his debut for Reading, a 1-0 defeat at Wigan in the Premiership on 26.8.06.

Sam at the end of his debut.

Bertie Brayley at West Ham in 1999.

Stan Lilburn before before an inter-club friendly at The Valley in April 1948.

Phil Brooman

Cyril Jeans

Alan Jones

Eric Worthington in later life

Graham Roope

Larry Baxter

Roy Hales in 2006

Johnny Roche

Pat Hilton in 2004

Tommy Jenkins

Sam Sodje on loan at West Brom in March 2007

Chris Thomas in 2007

Jimmy Briscoe on the pitch at the new Wembley with Stevenage manager Mark Stimson after Borough's FA Trophy triumph in May 2007

Bruce Walker (right) playing for Newbury during 75/76

Ricky Fusco

Reg Dudley

Gary Bacon at Spurs 74/75

Vic Pain at Crystal Palace 72/73

Alf Bentley in 1992

Dale Walton

Karl Rolls at Whitstable

Karl Rolls in action for Whitstable

Peter Nott in 2007

Dave Jordan in action for Sittingbourne

Martin Buglione

Steve Tapp

Paul McMenemy at Bromley

Bill Brown at Gillingham

Steve Smith

Ian Starkey in Gillingham's youth team 76/77

Ian Starkey in Gillingham's youth team 77/78

Jay Saunders at Gillingham 96/97

Karl Rolls at Gillingham

Malcolm Smith at Gillingham

Ricky Pearson at Gillingham

Bill Parry in the mid 1990's

Roger Wedge in 1982

Roger Wedge

Ian Michelsen in 2007

Ken Tucker aged 80 in 2006

Adrian Clewlow in the USA in 2008

Billy McMahon

Barry Cordjohn

Roger Wedge with Bobby Moore

Ian Michelsen with Alan Shearer in 2004

Billy Plews at Dover Grammar School circa 1972

Dennis Butler at Reading

Andy Woolford at Gillingham

Tommy Jenkins at Southampton

Ray Flannigan at Reading

John Hold at Bournemouth

Peter Heritage at Bexhill United in 2008

Andy Blondrage at Sittingbourne

Paul Foley at Maidstone

Brian Gregory

Andy Coghill

Phil Collins at Welling in 2004

Tommy Tyne at Welling in 2004

Brian Gregory in action for Dartford in January 1982

Bill Edwards at VCD August 2008

Peter Gillott playing for an ex-Chelmsford X1 aged 73 in October 2008

Future Margate player Chris Zoricich playing for New Zealand against France a few months before joining the club

Future Margate player-manager Robin Trott pictured after Stevenage had drawn with Newcastle in the FA Cup

Former Margate keeper Peter Trego in action for Somerset CCC

Terry McFlynn with singers Delta Goodrem and Bryan McFadden

McFlynn in action for Sydney

Sam Sodje in action for Reading against Manchester United at Old Trafford

Rocky Baptiste in action for Havant & Waterlooville in their 2008 FA Cup tie at Liverpool

Alan Blackburn

Johnny Roche

Jack Roberts with Sol Campbell in February 1995

Ricky Sopp

George Evans

Carl Gilbert

Bernie Turner

John Baber

Alan Butterfield

Colin Clewlow

Colin Page

Chic Brodie at Brentford in 1968

Dennis Butler at Hull in 1968

Jock Basford at Mansfield in 1968

Brian Gregory at Dartford

Glenn Aitken at Gillingham in 1973

John O'Mara at Brentford in 1972

Malcolm Dalrymple at Watford in 1974

John Williams at Watford in 1974

Ray Dean at Aldershot

Dennis Brown

Bill Roffey at Crystal Palace in 1972

Mel Blyth at Crystal Palace

Arthur Blackley in 2009

Sam Sodje tackling Nicholas Anelka - France 0 Nigeria 1 June 2009

Sam Sodje after the France v Nigeria match

Mark Goodfellow at Leyton Orient during 00/01

Chris Wild at Leyton Orient during 00/01

Justin Skinner at Wimbledon during 92/93

Jack Smith at Brighton during 64/65

Ian Pulman during his debut for Australian club Melbourne Knights in June 2009

Phil Bibby at Belper in the 1950's

Another picture of Phil Bibby at Belper in the 1950's

And another picture of Phil Bibby at Belper in the 1950's

Tommy Jenkins in 2009

Ken Bracewell

Ken Bracewell at Toronto in 1967

Ken Bracewell at Atlanta in 1971

Ken Bracewell at Toronto in 1972

Mike Renshaw at Dallas in the 1960's

Mike Renshaw at Dallas in 1970

Mike Renshaw at Dallas in 1972

Bob Moffat at Dallas in 1970

Bob Moffat at Dallas in 1976

Albert Foan at West Ham in the 1950's

Keith Spurgeon

Dave Danson

Alan Draper playing for Ramsgate during 79/80

Marc Smelt

Mick John in 2009

Martin Buglione in 2010

Gary Miller in 2010

Tony Dixon playing for Dover's veterans side in 2010

Steve Cuggy playing for Dover's veterans side in 2010

Gary Miller playing for Dover's veterans side in 2010

John Roles at Portsmouth in 1982

Kevin Smart at Plymouth in 1977

Willie O'Sullivan in 2010

Paul Pilkington in 2008

Paul Gbogidi at Dulwich Hamlet circa 1988

Frank Ovard teases a full back during his spell with Maidstone

David Pearce at Kingstonian during 90/91

Mike Flanagan in the USA with New England Tea Men in 1978

Rex Cherry

Darren Hare in 2010

Bryan Snowdon on his 74th birthday in 2009

Len Dunderdale

John Williams

Chris Clarke

Frank Jackett at Watford in the early 1950's

Alex Weir in 1986

Lew Woodroffe

Alex Weir at Watford in 1945

Nick Kerry in 2010

Mark Watson playing for Dorking in July 2010

Margate legends Bob Harrop and Eddie Clayton at Ashford Town in May 1970

Les Fell aged 89 in June 2010

Dave Crush

Gordon Burden

Syd Jest

Brian Stevens

Chris Clarke

Charlie Walker at West Ham in the early 1940's

Charlie Walker (left) and George Proudlock (right) during their West Ham days

Charlie Walker (second from the right at the front) celebrates with his West Ham team-mates at Wembley in 1940 after the Hammers won the Football League War Cup with a 1-0 win over Blackburn

Keith Robinson and Vic Medus at Ramsgate in July 1985

Wayne Godden

Joe Radford and Richard Hemmings

Dean Finch and Billy Plews

Andy Woolford

Colin Clewlow

Keith Pointer at West Ham circa 1968

Davie Laing in November 2010

Davie Laing (second right) on tour in South Africa during his time with Hearts

Davie Laing at Hearts

George Evans in 2010

Marc Smelt in 2011

Leon Braithwaite at St.Patrick's Athletic in 1998

Leon Braithwaite

Leon Braithwaite at Ilford in 2005

Scott Forbes playing for Stansted in 2011

Jimmy Briscoe

Gary Smith in 2011

Roy Cain in later life

Gareth Graham at Woking 2001/02

Terry McFlynn at Woking 2001/02

Steve West at Woking 2001/02

Gordon Quinn at QPR in 1954

Mike Tomkys at QPR in 1954

Cyril May at QPR in 1954

Lee Hill in 2011

Peter Kitchen at Doncaster in the early 1970's

Len Revell towards the end of his life

Gary Blackford

Adrian Webster at Maidstone during 2001/02

Adrian Webster at Darlington during 2004/05

Lee Shearer at Dover circa 2001

Ron Austin at Sittingbourne circa 1951

Ron Austin aged 91 in 2011

Lee Shearer at Ashford during 2011/12

John Ballagher

Les Fell at Crystal Palace circa 1954

Mel Blyth at Crystal Palace

Bill Roffey at Crystal Palace in 1972

Mike Flanagan at Charlton in 1977

Mark Warlosz in 2011

Tom Ziepe at Harold Wood Athletic

Ray Chatham

Chris Bertchin at Whitstable in the 1950's

John Wickens

Bill Parry

Bill Parry

Ron Austin at Sittingbourne

Ron Austin at Lloyds Paper Mills in 1937

Ron Austin at Sittingbourne

Peter Vandepeer at Sittingbourne

Simon Briggs in 2011

Dave Parsons

Bobby Miles at Ramsgate

Alan Meek in the 1980's

Peter Tite

Richard Hemmings

Neville Hemmings

Gerry Jordan

Paul Meade

Graham Channon in the 1980's

Matt Goodban

Les Devonshire at Canterbury

Ray Chatham at Wolves

Albert Foan

Freddie Kearns in his Ireland shirt

Davie Laing

Derek Wells

John Prodger

Ken Tucker at West Ham

Peter Peters (the winger, not the goalkeeper)

Arthur 'Digger' Roberts

Jackie Goodfellow

Eddie Clayton during 1972/73

Kevin Barry during 1972/73

David Paton during 1972/73

Barry Brown in 1973

Kevin Barry in action during 1972/73

Ray Summers during 1972/73

Bruce Walker during 1972/73

Chic Brodie in action during 1972/73

Dai Yorath at Romford during 1973/74

Pat Ferry at Romford during 1973/74

Colin Clewlow during 1972/73

Davie Houston during 1972/73

Bruce Walker during 1972/73

Gary Blackford in 2010

Gareth Graham at Crystal Palace circa 1998

Dalton Perkins in 2010

Karl Rolls in 2010

Aaron Perry in 2011

Johnny Roche at Millwall

John Shepherd at Millwall

Alan Blackburn working as a decorator

John Fraser working as a welder

An unusually clean shaven Barry Brown during 1973/74

Eddie Clayton in action during 1973/74

Norman Fusco during 1973/74

Eddie Clayton during 1973/74

Ray Summers during 1973/74

Cyril Bailey

Ronnie Martell

Terry Morris in 2009

John Fahy at South African club Germiston Callies circa 1969

Roger Challis at South African club Marist Brothers circa 1966

John Fraser at South African club Germiston Callies in 1967

John Fraser at South African club Corinthians circa 1969

Bryan Clifton at Hartsdown Park in December 2011

Mark Munday at Hartsdown Park in December 2011

Neil Cugley

John O'Mara

Dick Maxted

Alan Fagan

Derek Grace at Gillingham

Dean Yorath

Graham Porter

Dave Crook in the 1970's

Dave Crook in 2011

John Munday in 2009

Adrian Clarke at Arsenal in 1994

Bryan Parry in 2009

Ross Smith at University of Rhode Island circa 2000

Geoff Finch in 1970

Geoff Finch in 1971

Geoff Finch in 1973

Phil Gilbert

Greg Oates

Jean-Michel Sigere in 2010

Phil Smith

Moses Jjunju

Darren Watson at Oxford United in September 2003

John Embery in 2011

Gary Pugh at West Ham in 1978

George Putman at Tonbridge circa 1975

Stan Earl in 2011

David Pearce in the 1980's

Ray Chatham at Wolves in the early 1950's

Keith Pointer in 2012

David Hills at West Ham early in 1959

Almer Hall at West Ham in the late 1940's

George Proudlock at West Ham in the late 1940's

Jackie Wood at West Ham in the late 1940's

Colin Clewlow during the 1974/75 season

Norman Fusco during the 1974/75 season

Ray Summers during the 1977/78 season

Peter Hingley at Margate United 1953/54

Gerry Baker in 2010

Alan Brown in 2010

John Baber at Southend United in 1966

Lee Smelt in 2012

Bryan Clifton at Ramsgate during 1962/63

George Wright at Ramsgate during 1962/63

Pat Mullin during 1999/00

Colin Priestley at Ramsgate during 1962/63

John Keirs at Tonbridge in 1975

Peter Tough at Maidstone in 1975

Dave Crush at Tonbridge in 1975

Paul Thomas in 2012

Tony Peeling in 2011

Lennie Long in 1964

Phil Winfield at Ramsgate during 1964/65

Arthur Blackley

Bryan Clifton

Dave Rouse in 2012

Norman Fusco in 1962

Steve Bowtell in 2012

Ted Bensley with Bobby's Sports during 1938/39

Ted Bensley with Bobby's Sports or possibly Thanet Press during 1948/49

George Wright with Bobby's Sports or possibly Thanet Press during 1948/49

Gordon Burden in 1967

Colin Harris at Ramsgate during 1978/79

Mark Harrop at Ramsgate during 1978/79

Dave Rouse at Ramsgate during 1978/79

Dave Parsons at Ramsgate during 1978/79

Syd Jest at Ramsgate during 1978/79

Marcus Newton at Ramsgate during 1978/79

Bill Swain at Dover in the 1960's

Bryan Clifton during 1969/70

Hughie Cochrane

Peter Denton at Luton in 1968

Mickey Griffiths at Dover

Dai Yorath

Peter Rutley

Ray Ellam

Johnny Ray at Dover in the 1960's

Ray Flannigan

Tommy Sanders at Charlton

Bobby Harrison at Chatham circa 1980

Brian Baker at local club Northwood circa 1970

John Ballagher at Ramsgate 1969/70

Dave Parsons at local club Northwood circa 1970

Lester Smith at local club Northwood circa 1970

Frank Peterson at Chelmsford

Frank Ovard in 2012

Lennie Lee at Dover in 1986

Mark Harrop at Dover in 1986

Kevin Hudson at Dover in 1986

Dave Carr at Dover in 1986

Bob Walter at Hollisters of the North Kent Sunday League during 1988/89

Nigel Wakelin at Hollisters of the North Kent Sunday League during 1988/89

Bob Harrop in 1963

Dave Mackledon at Leather Bottel Rangers of the North Kent Sunday League during 1988/89

Roy Marshall training at Hartsdown Park in August 1963

Gerry Baker in July 2013, only a few weeks before his death

Joe Clark in later life

Graham Sawyer at Ramsgate in 1972

Gordon Burden in 2012

Brian Ede in action during 1968/69

Lennie Long in 2013

Don Campbell at Liverpool during 1957/58

Jack Smith during his Football League career

Tommy Jenkins during 1968/69

Keith Hymas at Hastings United circa 1970

Johnny Ray in 2010

Cyril Watkins with Ramsgate Colts 1949/50

Joe Haywood with Ramsgate Colts 1949/50

Dave Bennett in the late 1970's

Dave Bennett in 2013

Les Devonshire at Crystal Palace

Almer Hall at Tottenham in the 1930's

Gavin Tipple in 2013

Ricky Sopp

Syd Jest at Brighton during 1962/63

David Kydd at Brighton during 1965/66

Paul Thomas in the mid 1970's

Mark Harrop and Bob Harrop in 1997

George Evans with Thanet Press in the late 1970's

Phil Winch with Thanet Press in the late 1970's

Terry Morris with Thanet Press in the late 1970's

Brian Naysmith during 1963/64

John Scott

Stan Earl in 2013

Dennis Randall in action for Hitchin circa 1960

Graham Porter in action for APM Contrast during 2013/14

Pat Hilton at Brighton in 1973

Pat Hilton in 2012

Terry Norton at Brighton in 1973

Ricky Sopp at Brighton in 1973

Derek Grace in 2011

Alan Brown

Barry Cordjohn at Charlton in 1961

Derek Grace at QPR in August 1961

Don Alexander

Peter Seath

Dickie Johnson

Jack Longman

Jock Flannigan

Tommy Bing

Frank Johnson

Eddie Belchamber

Ron Sturgess

Joe Brayne in 2013

Roger Wedge in 2014

Len Dolding at Chelsea in 1946