Millwall 1962


MILLWALL 3 (Joe Haverty, Dave Jones & Pat Terry)

MARGATE 1 (Cyril Jeans)

Attendance: 14,549

Margate travelled to London to take on Millwall who were 15th in Division 3 at the time and lost 3-1.

MILLWALL: Reg Davies, Denis John, Pat Brady, Des Anderson, Ray Brady, Harry Obeney, Joe Broadfoot, Dave Jones, Pat Terry, Jim Towers and Joe Haverty 

MARGATE: Brian Hughes, Bill Parry, Terry Joyce, Peter Smith, Bob Harrop, Jimmy Fletcher, Mike Tomkys, Cyril Jeans, Alan Blackburn, Alan Jones, and David Hills

An Evening Standard match preview...

Previews from the local press...

This is the cover of the match programme...

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Action from the match...

Above: Bob Harrop (number 5) and Millwall's Pat Terry.

Above: Brian Hughes makes a catch as Jimmy Fletcher (left) looks on.

Above: Another catch for Brian Hughes.

Above: One of the Millwall goals, Bill Parry is the player in the foreground.

Above: Brian Hughes makes a flying stop, David Hills is in the centre and Bob Harrop on the right.

Above: The aftermath of a Millwall goal, the Margate players from the left are Terry Joyce (looking down at the ball), Bill Parry (near post), goalkeeper Brian Hughes, Jimmy Fletcher and Bob Harrop.

Above: Cyril Jeans gets a shot away, Alan Blackburn is the grounded Margate player to the right.

Above: Moments before Millwall's third goal - Pat Terry (9) heads the ball back across from a deep corner and Joe Haverty then put the ball into the net. The Margate player on the post is Terry Joyce.

A match report...